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Highlights & History
  • The Coalition is designed to negotiate better rates and quality services with health care providers in the region.
  • Each Member Fund has a seat on the Board of Directors and has one vote. If the Coalition designates a provider as providing the best value (a combination of price and quality) each individual Member Fund's Board of Trustees will then decide, on its own, whether the Fund wishes to contract with the endorsed provider at the rates negotiated by the Coalition.
  • The current charge to join the Coalition is $2.00 per eligible participant. There is a minimum dues of $2,500 and a maximum dues of $15,000. Any additional assessments are voted on by the full board. A Fund may withdraw at any time.
  • Incorporated on January 26, 1995 representing 21 Health & Welfare funds and nearly 58,000 families.
  • After one year the number of funds represented was 25 and provider contracts for a prescription benefit manager and a CT scans and MRI network were approved.
  • After two and a half years, the number of funds represented was 31, nearly 68,000 families, and additional provider contracts for vision, dental, and hospital/doctor PPO�s were approved.
  • After ten years, the number of funds was 39, representing over 112,000 families. Additional provider contracts for hearing and employee assistance were approved.
  • After fifteen years, the Coalition represented 42 Member Funds that provide benefits to over 120,000 union families.
  • At twenty plus years, the Coalition represents 43 Member Funds that provide benefits to over 150,000 union families. In addition, the Coalition has started organizing a series of multi-trade, multi-location health fairs.
  • �The formation of the coalition grew out of a series of meetings organized by the Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO), the region�s joint labor-management cooperation committee.� (Fox Valley Labor Record - February 1995)
  • "The goal of the alliance is to negotiate health care service packages for members. It will also serve as a clearinghouse for quality and utilization review and other health care trends of interest to members.� (Crain�s Chicago Business - March 6, 1995)
  • �Cost savings, based on experiences of other coalitions in Memphis, TN, Connecticut and San Francisco, could range from hospital discounts of up to 34 percent, to pharmacy savings from 10 to 20 percent, to overall savings from 5 to 30 percent. One coalition saved $8 million during its first nine months of operation.� (Dodge Construction News - June 26, 1995)

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