Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

PPO Plus from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is proving to be just the kind of health care option that the Illinois labor movement wants, needs -- and appreciates.

A PPO provides the option of more flexibility than an HMO for those who want it. Like an HMO, there is a network of providers and hospitals, which provides covered care. In most cases, that's likely to be all that most people will ever want or need. But, if circumstance arise, policyholders can go outside that network of caregivers and STILL be covered, with the understanding that coverage is at a lower percentage of the total medical bill.

Benefit funds from all over the state are realizing the advantages of PPO Plus--the largest PPO in Illinois. Among those advantages are:

--Flexibility in choosing doctors PPO Plus from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois gives subscribers the option of seeing any physician they want and still have significant coverage, even if the doctor is not part of the extensive PPO Plus network. There are so many doctors in the network that it should be easy to meet any need. But, if a subscriber simply wants to see someone else, for whatever reason, it's good to know there is that flexibility.

--Options in hospital care when that's needed PPO Plus offers access to an unparalleled number of hospitals around the state. But, as with doctors, the plan gives subscribers the option to seek care anywhere, with still-substantial coverage levels.

--Affordability As the largest in the state, PPO Plus controls costs and that translates into superior coverage at favorable rates.

--Trust Blue Cross Blue Shield has close ties to the Illinois labor movement and a long history of insuring the state's workers. The new BCBSI headquarters building in Chicago went up with 100 percent union labor.