Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Keep your eyes healthy with VSP Vision Care through personalized care from a doctor you can trust. VSP vision coverage also provides great savings, is simple to use, and offers the latest eyeware styles and brand names.

See what VSP can do for you

  • Choice of Providers - Finding the right eyecare provider is important to your participants eye health and overall wellness. That's why they can choose to see any eyecare provider - a VSP doctor or any other provider.

  • Value and Savings - VSP benefits are affordable and offer great savings.

  • Personalized Care - Participants get quality care that focuses on their eyes and overall wellness with VSP. They'll be 100% happy when they see a VSP doctor, or they'll make it right.

  • Focus on Wellness - Eyes can tell a VSP Vision Care doctor a lot about a participant's overall health. A VSP doctor can see if a participant has a vision problem and signs of other health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

  • Great Eyeware - Participants can choose the eyeware that's right for them and their budget with classic to trendy styles that they'll love.

  • Exclusive Special Offers - Participants can save even more on eyecare and eyewear with exclusive offers from TruHearing, ACUVUE brand contacts, LASIK centers and many more. Visit to learn more.

  • Convenience - Participant's will be able to access information on the go - when they need it - from a computer or smart phone. They can view personalized benefit information; find a VSP doctor or download/print a personalized member vision card.

  • If you are interested in more information, contact Chad Jashelski at