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Testimonies & Success Stories
  • The Midwest Employee Benefit Funds Coalition (MEBFC) provides us the opportunity to choose the finest benefits available to our members at the lowest cost. Since joining the Coalition, we have been able to acquire the best choices of major medical, vision, dental, hearing, imaging and pharmaceutical networks. Our Fund would normally be unable to negotiate these great discounts without the aid of the Coalition. Before we became members of the MEBFC, we were unaware of such incredible opportunities.

    As a smaller Fund, it's refreshing to know that we are getting the same discounts and low rates as some of the largest Funds in the Midwest. The dues we pay to the MEBFC are so low that we recoup the cost of membership almost instantly. Cost of dues should not discourage any Fund from joining.

    Besides the advantage of the discounts negotiated by the Coalition, we also get the benefit of participating at Coalition meetings. Attending a Coalition meeting is similar to hiring some of the best advisors in the benefit industry to offer guidance on all aspects of benefit management. Conversing with one's peers may be the most valuable resource that the Coalition provides. While all the meetings have an agenda to follow, there is always time to discuss current issues affecting all our Funds. This advantage alone is worth the price of membership.

    Chicago Plastering Institute

  • I became a Fund Administrator for Automatic Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 in January of 2007. As a new Administrator I learned early on, the value of membership in the Midwest Employee Benefit Funds Coalition (MEBFC). I have had the opportunity to associate with Administrators with a wide array of talent and experience. I don�t think I could have sustained any success without the ability to seek the council, advice and camaraderie that the MEBFC offers.

    Furthermore, prior to any Coalition vendor endorsement, the MEBFC implements a screening process. This process can eliminate the time consuming process of a vendor request for proposal by an individual Fund. Of course being able to participate in vendor discounts that are negotiated by the MEBFC is an important aspect in membership. With the number of insured lives that the Coalition represents, this fact is a formidable persuader to vendors seeking Labor�s Health and Welfare business.

    Keeping informed has a cost; the seminars we must attend for continuing education are very expensive. Coalition membership has true value - vendor discounts, streamlined RFP process, plus the opportunity to consult with peers and develop networks right in your own back yard. By uniting our Funds within the MEBFC, we stand stronger together to face the challenges that alone would seem insurmountable. I highly recommend this membership.

    Tim Morrin, Fund Administrator, Sprinkler Fitters Local 281

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